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Oysters and the Firth of Forth - Part 3 (Extinction & Rebirth)

The history of oysters in Firth of Forth since the time of the Industrial Revolution. A story of extinction. Learn about Restoration Forth project's efforts to restore oyster populations.

Oysters And The Firth of Forth – Part 2 (The Fisher Folk)

The story of the ‘Fisher Folk’, the people who, along with other species, fished for oysters in the Firth of Forth.   

Oysters and the Firth of Forth – Part 1 (Pre Industrial Revolution)

The first in a series of small articles that cover the fascinating and colourful history of Scotland’s most famous oyster bed in the Firth of Forth. This is an introduction and considers the pre industrial revolution period.

Life is short, buy the Native oysters

Yes indeed, life is short so buy the shoes, sorry no, buy the Native oysters!

Word of the day – Ostracise!

Are you aware of the link between oysters and the word ostracise? It is one of those little curiosities of life that pop up occasionally.

DEEP - Native Oyster Restoration - Phase 2

Phase 2 of the Glenmorangie DEEP Native Oyster Restoration project is now underway. We have recently taken the first batch of seed oysters onto the farm for on growing in support of this phase. Also our first use of ground breaking eDNA technology (Roslin Institute) to aid in Bonamia disease screening.

The Environment & The North Coast 500

A short survey to gather views on the environment by people who have, or plan to, travel the North Coast 500. Take part for a chance to win an Amazon UK gift card (£10). One winner to be drawn at random. UK entries only.

Where has the time gone?

Where has the time gone? We are already a quarter into the year! Where has the time gone? We have been so busy that t...

The Native Oyster Ark

We have been rather quiet of late as we have been busy juggling the farm and various other work commitments. One of those work commitments is the Native Oyster Ark project. The ultimate goal of this project is to help save the remaining wild Native oyster (Ostrea edulis) populations in Scotland.

The Return of Maorach Beag

The bulk of our restoration work is operated under the banner of Maorach Beag. Over time this has caused some confusion as there is an identity clash with the Native Oyster & Shellfish Company brand. As such, we have decided to streamline our business branding and become simply Maorach Beag again.

Can you eat oysters all year round and when are they at their best?

Can you eat oysters all year round and when are they at their best? An article to help try and navigate these two key oyster related questions. We shall use the discussion to generate some rough 'rules of thumb' to help you on your own oyster quest!

TinyReef - BESE elements

We recently had a visit from our friend Malenthe from the The Netherlands. She is a marine biologist who works for BESE Products. These guys make biodegradable ecosystem restoration products.
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