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Am Foghar - Maorach Beag
As t-fhoghar – Maorach Beag

Maorach Beag (Gaelic: Little Shellfish) is a small sustainable Scottish business cultivating oysters in Wester Ross, Scotland.


An Loch Beag - Winter Calm
An Loch Beag – Winter Calm

It is our belief that the best oysters are grown by harnessing the best Mother Nature has to offer. We grow ours in An Loch Beag (English: Little Loch Broom) where we rely upon the pristine natural environment that surrounds us to create firm, meaty oysters with just the right balance of salinity.


Our Oyster Basket
Our Oyster Basket

We use an innovative culture method and so have the ability to control and perfect oyster shape, size and health. One of our key aims is to also produce aesthetically pleasingly shaped oysters, because as we all know, our enjoyment of food is about more than just how it tastes.


Looking west to the Atlantic
Looking west to the Atlantic

The Highlands of Scotland is our home and we are acutely aware of the difficulties associated with finding employment in our corner of the world. As such, we also aspire to create sustainable employment in an area that has for too long lacked employment opportunities. In this way we can help support our local community and give a little something back.


A Summer Breeze
A Summer Breeze

We are passionate about the environment that surrounds us and are proactive in efforts to protect and restore it. This is why the Native European Flat oyster (Ostrea edulis) is at the heart of our business. We grow these for the both the table market and a range of restoration projects, who are fighting hard to save this animal.