Scots Natives (Eisear Oir – Gold Oyster)


Scots Natives (Eisear Oir – Gold Oyster) are our Native oyster (European Flat oyster – Ostrea edulis).

The Native oyster is the indigenous oyster of Europe, although it is arguably now an endangered species. Ostrea edulis has an oval or pear-shaped shell with a rough, scaly surface. The two halves (valves) of the shell are different shapes. The bottom shell valve is concave and the top shell is flat and sitting inside the left. The shell is off-white, yellowish or cream in colour with light brown or bluish concentric bands on the right valve.

Due to its unique taste, Ostrea edulis is commonly known as the oyster connoisseur’s oyster of choice.

We only grow oysters produced from disease free Scottish brood stock and these oysters do well on the farm but they are a difficult creature to cultivate and take almost twice as long to meet commercial size as the Rock oyster. As these are a native species they are only available outside of the breeding season – that is they are only eaten when there is a r in the month. Available September to April.


Number 260 – 75g
Number 175g – 90g
Number 090g – 100g

Taste Profile

Light brown coloured meat, initial taste is of sweet salty brine followed by a very pronounced metallic “coppery” finish.


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