Loch Beag Rocks (Eisear Cloiche)

Pacific / Rock Oyster.


Loch Beag Rocks (Eisear Cloiche) are our Pacific / Rock oysters (Crassostrea Gigas).

The Rock is the world’s most cultivated oyster. The two halves (valves) of the shell are different shapes. The bottom shell valve is deeply cupped and the upper shell valve flat or slightly convex; this difference is much more pronounced than the native flat oyster. They range in colour from white to deep purple and many of ours show an interesting stripped pattern.

These oysters grow well on our farm and our equipment ensures that the oysters hold a teardrop shape with a deep cup as opposed to the classical flute shape. The cool water on our site, which prevents them from spawning, means these oysters are available all year round.


Bistro50 – 80g
Standard80g – 120g
Large120 – 200g
Balach Mòr (Big Boy)200g+

Taste Profile

Deep plump creamy coloured meat, initial taste is big and fruity followed by a pleasant cucumber finish.


Loch Beag Rocks are for sale online exclusively with The Native Oyster & Shellfish Company Ltd. If you have any other questions please contact us.