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A beginning…

The very first post, a beginning, and so first things first, welcome.

Maorach Beag (Gaelic: Little Shellfish) is a small sustainable Scottish business cultivating oysters. We grow both Pacific oysters (Rock oyster –Crassostrea gigas) and Native oysters (European Flat oyster – Ostrea edulis). Our aim is to create a business producing high quality oysters and we rely upon the pristine natural environment that surrounds us to do that.

These are early days for us and we are still in the process of evaluating our site and chosen culture technique. It shall take some time before we get up and running but so far so good and despite this year having been both cold and wet the oysters have pleasantly surprised us with their growth.

So what is this blog for? Well the aim of this blog and website is to document our journey and hopefully make contact with anybody who is passionate about oysters or seafood in general. We are very social so please feel free to drop us a line.

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